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Nail Labo's Story

In 1988, Nail Labo was founded by Yumiko Fujinami.

When the ordinary house wife saw how nail techs in the States operated the electric drills in their salon, it reminded of her brother in Japan who was manufacturing handpieces for dentists. Soon the world's first original micro motor handpiece for nails "Nail Labo", was designed and introduced at beauty shows and in magazines. All nail techs who tried our non-vibrant, ultra quiet micro motor could not help, but immediately fall in love with it.

Working closely with the dental company, Shofu, has allowed us to develop exceptionally high-end products and always be industry leading with releases of the most updated technology.

Nail de Dance, our acrylic nail system, was developed and manufactured in 1998. As the dental technology continued to blossom in the beauty world, people began to see the matchless quality of Nail de Dance powder and liquid series. With its great handling performance, Nail de Dance continues to be loved and used by more than 85% nail techs in Japan.

In 2009, Nail Labo introduced the world's first LED gel system, Presto. Assuring 100% UV-free curing, Presto is the most advanced soak-off system on the market to date. This saves you time, money, and increases efficiency in the salon. Presto is one of the top-selling brands in Japan and we are committed to continuous improvements in everything we do, along with breakthrough products for the future.

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