Ashton Harlan

The details are insane! Faces are one of the hardest things to draw and she nailed it. Amazing! 

Very fascinating Japanese design! Especially the drawing is so beautiful. 

Very beautiful in overall aspects and I can tell how meticulous this art is. I love it.

The composition is very balanced. It portrays the story well with the faces and the background painting. The 3D art is also beautiful. Very fascinating design. 

The most outstanding work in overall quality and its unique taste. The lines are so stable even in fine details and shadowing is amazing. I wish I could see the real art piece...

Congratulations @misashton!

The color choice is very nice. The combination of 3D and flat art is well balanced. The colors catches my eyes even in the small elements and they are so affective as accent colors.

The colors of the flowers and the fruits are so bright and vivid. Especially red and white of the 3D fig looks so delicious and beautiful. Great work.

Color choice and precise detailed art is very beautiful and wonderfully balanced.

Very neat, perfect and amazing work.


Watery texture in 3D gold fish is greatly depicted and loos so real. The clarity of the base colors when they are exposed to light is very beautiful.

I enjoy the vibrant colors used for the sunset effect and when I look at it I can see an actual scene from top to bottom, such eye candy.


The theme is structured well and the combination of the color choice is incredible. Beautiful world of the ocean creatures.

They look so real as if they were alive and moving!


It is painted in very details and so beautiful. I could easily image this scens. The depth of field is greatly portrayed and the contrast of the moon and the castle is very nice.

The Full moon night and the flying owl in the forrest are so cool. The bokeh effect, like a photography, gives depth to it and very beautiful. Everything is perfect as it has great composition, color use is beautiful, and it has the story.

I’m a huge fan of when all the nails line up to create a story. From the shading to the color choices. The owl, the lightning, moon all looks so realistic, great work! 

I love the tastes of this drawing. I know it is difficult to draw one painting on separate nail tips and all I can say to this work is "Wow! Amazing!"


My eyes were caught to glaze of the woman and the colors. It is so detailed and I love the shines of the hairs!

She’s so mesmerizing that once you break away from her gaze you can truly appreciate the art as a whole picture and enjoy all the fine detail and precision.


It is so striking it is painted on the five separate nail tips as the one big canvas. I am so impressed to the preciseness of the details.

Very detailed art painting with careful and precise work even on the fins.


Very beautiful clarity. How she used the stones and the studs is also very nice and pretty.

Love the depth of flowers and color choice. I want to stare at these actual art pieces.

Beautiful color choice and very feminine as they are perfect to wear on date.

All the ladies love the flower and this one is especially alluring as the shiny gold flakes and the depth effects are so beautifully done. The combinations of the nail enhancements such as stones and charms are great as well.


Very gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated flower design.

Amazing flowers, like a picture!


The bubbles in the nails. It's simple but very new! I've never seen anything like this before. Perfect for Summer. 

This embedded bubble design is very unique and creative as I was moved to this is new type of the design.

Thank you for your submission! 

We're so grateful for all of the incredible nail artists who participated in the challenge and made it such a successful fun event. The PGC judge team has sincerely enjoyed looking at all the creative art works from such gifted artists all around the world. Thank you again for taking the time to join us and really surprising us with your creativity! With great numbers of beautiful designs submitted, it was not an easy decision for the PGC judge team to choose only one Grand Champion. They found the entries to be very diverse in their originality and were truly impressed by the quality of the entries. Congratulations to @misashton, for receiving the most votes from the judge team and being selected as the Presto Gel Challenge Grand Champion! 

We also want to congratulate all of the nail artists who entered; we received many outstanding designs. We are looking forward to seeing you all again at the next Presto Gel Challenge! Get ready, the next winner may be you!