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Natalie Minerva aka Nail Swag is a California native living in beautiful Los Angeles. Nail art started out as a simple hobby for Natalie, who loved trying to master the tedious but intricate details of nail designs. They weren't always perfect but she was compelled to keep trying over and over again. Eventually her hands steadied, her lines straightened, and she saw definite improvement, and thus Nail Swag was born.

Since then, she has worked with the likes of Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, and Hilary Duff doing nails for their music videos and red carpet looks. She also does editorial work here in Los Angeles, and co-runs Tokyo Swag, a collaboration with Britney Tokyo, through which they have developed their very own gel collection with Presto Gels by Nail Labo. Tokyo Swag also teaches gel nail art courses and tours the country giving manicures to those in other cities who might not otherwise be able to in Los Angeles.

Video Tutorials:

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