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I began doing nails in Orange County CA in 2008, moved to Las Vegas in 2010 where I started my own business “Sin City Nails”. Since then it has grown tremendously and my work has been featured in Nail Pro Magazine and I’ve done the cover nails 2 years running for Modern Salon Magazine. I feel very fortunate to be able to count artists such as Mariah Carey and Olivia Newton John on my client list. This past April I expanded and opened “Sin City Nails Academy” where I teach the latest innovative techniques to both experienced and inexperienced nail techs alike with the hopes of making the next generation amazing and knowledgeable! Currently I'm in the process of adding new inventory to my recently launched product line “Sin City Nails Pro Line”.


I started hearing about Nail Labo/Presto Gels a few years back and I had to know what the fuss was about so I ordered one bottle of 62 and my life changed! I fell in love with the opacity, the small polish bottle brush and the way the gel just glides on the nail like butter. I am an absolute perfectionist and Presto Gel just makes my life that much easier. Still I have to say that 62 is my all time favorite color! Some of my other favorite Nail Labo products are the number 5 and 11 art brushes, white and black art paint and the medium sanding bands. Thank you Nail Labo for your commitment to our industry and for making these amazing products to showcase our “art”! 



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